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Summer Window Treatments For Style & Shade

Life in Florida, during the long, hot summers is all about staying cool. But when the heat index soars to well over 100 degrees, that can seem like an almost impossible feat. Explore the best options for summer window treatments from B&G Window Fashions that will keep you cool inside your home without losing any style points.

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A Guide To Bathroom Window Treatments

For many people, the bathroom can be a sanctuary- a place to take a luxurious bath and wash away the worries of the day. However, you might be curious how to find the right balance between privacy control and the beauty that natural light can provide in this oasis. If you’re one of the many that are struggling with what could be the best bathroom window treatments, speak with the experts at B&G Window Fashions serving Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte counties.

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It’s All About The Lighting

Lighting and window treatments go hand in hand. Decorating your home is more than finding the perfect placement for your bouquet of flowers or the best corner for your bookcase. Decorating is a way of creating the environment which will bring out the moments you want to live in. It is an opportunity to create a space where you feel who you are is reflected, and lighting is one of the most important factors in this.

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Keeping Windows In Mind When Building

When it comes to managing and preparing windows, you will find that you usually have a fair amount of things to consider in the design phase of putting a home together. For example, many people will just overlook the importance of window treatments and this, in turn, can cause a lot of problems later on down the line.

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Plantation Shutters Offer Many Benefits

From enhancing a room's design to improving home values, Plantation Shutters offer a wide range of benefits. Chief among the practical advantages are energy savings. Having plantation shutters in the home can help you stay cool during the summer, retain warmth in the winter, and slash electricity bills.

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